Greatly increase the service life of polymer products

Application areas:

PET, PLA, PBAT, PBT, TPU, PA, PC, PU, CPU, PU Adhesive, Polyester polyol

Our Products

HyMax provides polymers excellent anti-drolysis ability, extending product service life, making it a reality that polyester products can be used in high temperature and humid environment.

HyMax 1010


Application areas: 


PBAT,TPEE,PU adhesive

HyMax 213

Application areas: 


HyMax 210

Application areas: 



HyMax 220

Application areas: 

TPU, polyester polyol,

CPU,PU adhesive

HyMax CA Crosslinking agent

Application areas: 

Surface treatment of Textile, Metal, and coil, Plastic film, Leather; adhesive, ink,coatings

HyMax MID-01


Application areas: 

pharmaceutical intermediates

HyMax T10

Application areas: 


HyMax M10

Application areas: 


HyMax M20

Application areas: 


Application Areas

HyMax can be used in all polymers containing ester bonds, and the final product is used outdoors chronically.

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  • meet the different needs of chemical materials

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