Application areas of crosslinking agent in waterbased polyurethane dispersion

What is waterbased polyurethane dispersion

Water-based polyurethane dispersion is a type of polyurethane that is dispersed in water. It is commonly used in coatings and adhesives and offers advantages such as lower VOC emissions, reduced flammability, and easier cleanup compared to solvent-based polyurethane. It is widely used in applications like wood coatings, leather finishing, textile coatings, and adhesives, providing a clear finish and adjustability in terms of gloss, flexibility, and hardness according to specific requirements.

What is hydrolysis in polyurethane?

Hydrolysis in polyurethane is a chemical reaction in which water breaks down the polyurethane polymer chain. This can weaken the material, reduce its mechanical properties, cause swelling, and decrease durability. Manufacturers use various methods to minimize the effects of hydrolysis in polyurethane products.

How to stop hydrolysis in polyurethane?

For Solvent-Based PU:

  • To address hydrolysis in solvent-based polyurethane (PU), consider the addition of hydrolysis-resistant agents to the formulation. These agents can enhance the material’s ability to withstand water exposure, preventing the breakdown of polymer chains.
  • It’s also crucial to ensure proper curing and drying of solvent-based PU, as complete curing can improve water resistance. Proper curing times and conditions should be followed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For Water-Based PUD:

  • In the case of water-based polyurethane dispersions (PUD), the use of crosslinking agents can significantly improve water resistance. Crosslinking agents create stronger bonds within the polymer structure, enhancing the material’s ability to withstand hydrolysis.
  • Proper formulation and precise application techniques are essential to maximize the benefits of crosslinking agents in water-based PUD. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific product recommendations and usage instructions.

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