Application of anti-hydrolysis agent in PLA and PBAT

Anti-hydrolysis agents are widely used in the polymer industry to improve the stability and durability of polymeric materials in humid environments. Among various polymers, polylactic acid (PLA) and polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT) are two promising biodegradable polymers that have attracted considerable attention due to their unique properties and potential applications.

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crosslinking agent for PUDs

Application of polycarbodiimide in PUDs

Polycarbodiimide is a versatile and multifunctional polymer that has been widely used in various applications, including in polyurethane dispersions (PUDs). PUDs are water-based coatings that are widely used in the production of various products, such as textiles, leather, wood, and automotive coatings. Polycarbodiimide is used in PUDs as a crosslinking

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anti-hydrolysis PU in shoe sole

Carbodiimide Anti-Hydrolysis Agents in PU Shoe Sole Formulations

Polyurethane (PU) is a versatile material used in a wide range of applications, including footwear. PU shoe soles are popular due to their light weight, durability, and comfort. However, PU is susceptible to hydrolysis(What is hydrolysis), which can lead to degradation of the material over time. To address this issue,

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carbodiimide PLA degradable

Knowledge of CPLA straws and the key additive polycarbodiimide

What are CPLA straws? CPLA straws are made by heating PLA, absorbing heat and exothermically crystallising it into CPLA, which is a crystallised PLA straw that combines the safety and environmental friendliness of PLA material with the convenience of consumer use. How are CPLA straws made? CPLA straws are usually

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heat resistance PLA straws

Introduction of PLA straw and ways to improve its heat resistance

With the application of Plastic Restriction of many countries, plastic straws are gradually fading out and environmentally friendly straws are becoming a hotspot. Various restaurants and drinks shops are gradually replacing the common plastic straws with the green and environmentally friendly PLA biodegradable straws. Today, we would like to introduce

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How carbodiimide has functions on Polyurethane (PU)

What is Polyurethane (PU)? Polyurethane (PU), known as polyurethane, is a generic term for macromolecular compounds with repeating urethane groups (-NCO)in the main chain. Polyurethane can be manufactured in a variety of ways by changing the type and chemical structure of the raw material, the specifications and the proportion of

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thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU)or polyurethane elastomers (PUEs)

Degradation of polyurethane elastomers (PUEs) and their stabilizers

Thermal oxygen degradation of polyurethane elastomers (PUEs) and its stabilizers Thermo-oxidative degradation is a free radical chain process initiated by atmospheric oxygen. For thermal oxygen degradation, polyester-based polyurethane elastomers (PUEs) are more stable than polyether-based polyurethane elastomers (PUEs) due to that the cohesive energy of the ester group is greater

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