seat belt anti-hydrolysis monofilament

Application of carbodiimide anti-Hydrolysis agents in seat belts monofilament

Introduction: Seat belts play a crucial role in ensuring passenger safety in automobiles. To enhance the reliability and durability of seat belt materials, the application of anti-hydrolysis agents has gained significant importance. These agents prevent the occurrence of hydrolysis reactions in the material, thereby reducing damage and performance degradation. I.

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What is High-Temperature High-Pressure Hydrolysis Aging Test?

High-Temperature High-Pressure Hydrolysis Aging Test is a testing method used to evaluate the durability and performance changes of materials under high-temperature and high-pressure water environments. In this test, samples are typically prepared in the form of films, coatings, or test pieces. These samples are exposed to high-temperature and high-pressure water

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arbodiimide anti-hydrolysis agent in starch-based plastics

Application of carbodiimide anti-hydrolysis agent in starch-based plastics

Starch-based plastics are a type of biodegradable plastic made from renewable resources such as corn, potatoes, and cassava. They are considered to be environmentally friendly because they can be degraded into natural compounds under certain conditions, such as exposure to water, heat, and microorganisms. Compared to traditional petroleum-based plastics, starch-based

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crosslinking agent in PUD

Application of polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent in PUD

What is PUD and polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent? PUD stands for Polyurethane Dispersion, which is a type of polyurethane resin synthesized through a polymerization reaction using water as the dispersion medium. PUD exhibits excellent physical properties and chemical stability, and is widely used in the fields of coatings, adhesives, and printing

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paper making clothing

Application of anti-hdyrolysis agent in paper making fabric

What is a papermaking fabric, and what is its function? A papermaking fabric is a mesh material made of woven polyester monofilament. It is mainly used for filtration and moisture regulation during the papermaking process. In the papermaking process, pulp is pumped into the headbox of the paper machine, where

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How to solve the hydrolysis aging problem of PU synthetic leather

PU synthetic leather is widely used in car interior, sofas and other household applications because of its excellent wear resistance and comfortable feel, but the problem of hydrolysis has been troubling manufacturers, but also let the majority of users worry about the quality of the product. If these problems are

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Polycarbodiimide crosslinking agents in 3C Electronic Coatings

Enhancing the Performance and Durability of 3C Electronic Coatings with Polycarbodiimide Crosslinking Agents

Polycarbodiimide crosslinking agents have gained significant attention in recent years due to their excellent performance in various coating applications, including 3C electronic coatings. The crosslinking reaction between the polycarbodiimide and the polymer chains in the coating system creates a three-dimensional network structure, which enhances the coating’s mechanical strength and stability,

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