How to solve the problem of poor hydrolysis resistance of PBT

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is a commonly used engineering plastic material with a series of excellent comprehensive properties, such as high crystallinity, rapid prototyping, weather resistance, low friction coefficient, high heat distortion temperature, good electrical properties, excellent mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, ultrasonic welding, etc. PBT has been widely used in the fields of electronic appliances, the automobile industry, machinery, instrumentation, and household appliances due to its excellent comprehensive performance.

However, PBT materials have a major defect —— the hydrolysis resistance is poor. Under humid conditions, especially hot and humid conditions, the ester bonds contained in PBT are easily hydrolyzed and broken under the action of terminal carboxyl groups, resulting in a sharp decline in material properties. Moreover, the terminal carboxyl groups generated by hydrolysis have a catalytic effect on the hydrolysis of ester groups, which further aggravates the degradation and performance decline of PBT materials. The hydrolysis of PBT limits its application in important fields such as building materials and electronic appliances.

For solving the hydrolysis problem of polyester materials such as PBT, Langyi New Materials has a series of mature solutions. A better solution to the problem of PBT hydrolysis is to add carbodiimide anti-hydrolysis additives to the material. Carbodiimide can react with the terminal carboxyl gdroups generated by hydrolysis to generate urea-based compounds without side effects. Thereby, the hydrolysis process of polyester materials such as PBT is slowed down, and the service life of the material is prolonged.

Langyi New Materials is a professional supplier of carbodiimide and polycarbodiimide anti-hydrolysis agents. We have more than 10 invention patents related to anti-hydrolysis agents. Our core brand, HyMax® series of anti-hydrolysis products, has been used in the polyester industry Chain customers have provided 10+ years of professional services. HyMax® series of anti-hydrolysis products have a series of advantages such as high activity, high purity, good stability and wide application, and high-quality products have been stably supplied to the world. For more product information, please contact us: [email protected]

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