HyMax M180 PET chain extender masterbatch/PET IV Enhancer

HyMax M180 is a PET chain extender masterbatch in white granule form. By increasing the molecular weight of polyester monomers, it improves the mechanical properties of PET products, enhances abrasion and impact resistance, providing enormous benefits for injection and extrusion applications.

HyMax M180 plays an essential role in the processing and recycling of PET polymer condensate. As a PET chain extender and an intrinsic viscosity enhancer, it guarantees your product exhibits excellent performance and quality.


Additional information

Poduct Model

HyMax M180


white granule

Applied Materials



PET masterbatch (Polymeric)


easy to add, Good thermal stability, widely used



  • Superior Chain Extending Capability

HyMax M180 enhances the melt strength remarkably, optimizing the processing of both condensation polymers and biopolymers. This leads to improved outcomes for production processes including extrusion, blow molding, and blistering.

  • Exceptional Compatibility

HyMax M180 facilitates stable alloys of condensation polymers or biopolymers materials, thereby enhancing the mechanical properties more effectively than competitive offerings.

  • Advanced Hydrolysis Resistance

HyMax M180 ensures that polycondensates remain stable during production to prevent any hydrolysis and subsequent loss of material characteristics.

  • Boost Efficiency – By increasing the molecular weight of polyester monomers, HyMax M180 not only enhances the durability of polymers, but also speeds up the production line and reduces the injection cycle, thereby increasing production efficiency.
  • Optimized Cost Effectiveness – HyMax M180 delivers superior results using less product, which translates to a cost-effective solution, particularly for high-volume plastics manufacturing settings.



  • Enhanced Usability Cycle – HyMax M180 aids in substantially increasing the usability cycle of polycondensates, hence providing longevity to the end product.
  • Reduced Internal Pressure of Injection – HyMax M180 effectively reduces the internal pressure during the injection process, thus minimizing wear and tear of the machinery and optimizing production process.
  • Improved Compatibility – This product improves the compatibility between fillers and thermoplastics, ensuring the production of high-quality plastics with reduced discrepancies.
  • Enhanced Optical and Mechanical Properties – HyMax M180 enhances the transparency of the finished products and strengthens their mechanical properties, delivering robust and aesthetically pleasing results.
  • Increased Production Efficiency – By speeding up the extrusion production line and shortening the injection cycle, HyMax M180 significantly boosts production efficacy, enabling you to meet higher output targets.
  • Cost Efficiency – The combined effect of increased efficacy and improved quality lead to overall cost efficiency, adding significant value to the production process.


Typical Applications

PET products such as: industrial monofilament, special film, engineering plastics, fiber, recycled material, etc

Storage Stability

Be stored for at least one year without deterioration in the original sealed


25kg kraft paper bag

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