Titanium white masterbatch LY806

Shape: Particle

Particle size appearance: Irregular particle

Colour: White

Titanium dioxide content: 58-60%

Water content: ≤0.5%

Fusing point: 250-260℃

Filter press value:≤1Bar/g (According to our laboratory method)



  • Ultra-fine titanium dioxide dispersion provides brilliant whiteness and opacity
  • Stable at high temperatures for extrusion and molding processes
  • Non-toxic and food-safe composition


  • Low resin utilization rate improves production efficiency and reduces costs
  • Easy blending and processing facilitates manufacturing
  • Weather resistant and UV stable to maintain color over time


  • Versatile applications from agriculture to packaging and more
  • Consistent, bright white aesthetic enhances product appeal
  • Meets strict requirements for industries like food and medical
  • Simplifies manufacturing with one-step compounding solution

By utilizing our high performance white masterbatch, manufacturers can streamline processes, ensure safety standards, and deliver durable, attractive end products to their customers.

Additional information


white granule

Applied Materials



easy to add, Good thermal stability, high activity


PET masterbatch (Polymeric)

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