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What is the function of anti-hydrolysis agent ?

Anti-hydrolysis agent, also known as hydrolysis stabilizer, is a chemical substance with very stable performance. It does not react with strong oxidants such as peroxides, sulfuric acid, accelerators and other reducing agents at room temperature or slightly higher temperature.

For PET/polyester materials, under the conditions of high humidity and high temperature, the ester bonds in the molecular chain are easily eroded by water vapor and hydrolyzed, resulting in a decrease in comprehensive performance, and the carboxylic acid produced by hydrolysis can further catalyze the degradation of polyester.

The molecular structure of the anti-hydrolysis agent contains carbodiimide or polycarbodiimide group. The carbodiimide group has high reactivity with carboxyl group, and generates a urea-based compound with a stable structure. Using this characteristic of carbodiimide, the carboxyl group which easily causes autocatalytic hydrolysis of polyester material can be eliminated, and the molecular chain scission and comprehensive physical property decline of the polymer caused by hydrolysis can be effectively reduced.

For polymer materials with severe hydrolysis, the introduction of anti-hydrolysis agent can also play the effect of grafting the broken chain, so as to restore or partially restore the performance of polymer materials and prolong their service life.

In summary, carbodiimide anti-hydrolysis agents have the following effects on polymers:

1. Improve the comprehensive performance and service life of polymer materials;

2. Improve the hydrolysis resistance of the polymer;

3. Increase the molecular weight of the polymer and improve the mechanical strength of the polymer;

4. Increase the viscosity and strength of the melt, and improve the processing stability of products (such as films and sheets);

5. Improve the processing stability of recycled materials and remanufactured materials;

6. Improve the compatibility between different polymers.

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