PLA anti-hydrolysis agent

What are the commonly used plastic additives?

The main purpose of adding additives to plastics is to improve processing performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Plastic additives occupies a small proportion in plastic materials, but they have a great impact on the quality of plastic products. Different types of plastics require different types and amounts of additives due

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A list of auxiliary additives for degradable plastics

Auxiliary additives for biodegradable plastics are an important subsidiary of biodegradable plastics. In recent years, the production and demand of biodegradable plastics have developed rapidly, and the auxiliary industry is also facing opportunities and challenges. This article counts the essential additives for several major types of biodegradable plastics. a) Crystalline

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What is polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent?

 What is polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent? 1. polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent Polycarbodiimide is a new type of crosslinking agent in the coating industry. Because it can be emulsified in water by introducing hydrophilic groups, it can be used for crosslinking of water-dispersed coating agents. When polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent is used, the coating

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Application of carbodiimide

Overview of carbodiimide Polyurethane materials have a wide range of uses. Polyurethane elastomer is an important part of polyurethane materials. The products obtained by the reaction of polyester polyols and isocyanates have been recognized by the market for their excellent impact resistance and abrasion resistance. application of carbodiimide Carbodiimide’s application include

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What is carbodiimide?

Carbodiimide, contains N=C=N functional groups, and is a commonly used dehydrating agent. It is generally prepared by thiourea losing hydrogen sulfide or urea losing water, and hydrolyzed to obtain urea derivatives. Mainly used to activate carboxyl groups to promote the formation of amides and esters. Basic Information of carbodiimide English

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What are biological degradable polymer materials?

Concept and degradation mechanism of biological degradable polymer materials The biodegradable polymer material refers to a polymer material that degrades under the action of the microbes or their secretions under certain times and certain conditions. The mechanism of biodegradability roughly the following three ways: Biological cell growth causes mechanical damage of

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