polyurethane gloves

Application of crosslinking agent in polyurethane gloves

At present, the global surgical glove market is in short supply, consuming approximately 75 to 80 billion pairs of latex gloves each year. The demand for surgical gloves in China is about 11 billion pairs, and the market gap is large. Moreover, most of the medical sterilized surgical gloves in

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How to improve the chemical resistance of water-based wood paint using one-component PUD and PUA?

Polyurethane dispersion (PUD) is the main category of water-based industrial paint. Polyurethane dispersion (PUD) is composed of polyurethane particles dispersed in the water phase by an organic solvent or dispersant. It has good film-forming properties and can provide excellent appearance and hardness. PUD has no residual isocyanate and can be formulated with low VOC.

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How to improve the performance of water-based polyurethane inks?

Water-based polyurethane ink is an important new product in the polyurethane ink family. Compared with water-based acrylic resin ink and epoxy resin ink, the ink layer of water-based polyurethane ink has better abrasion resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, flexibility and hardness. It is mainly used in rotogravure. The

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Comparison of different categories of crosslinking agents

What is HyMax CA water-based polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent? HyMax CA Water-based polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent is a polymer containing carbodiimide groups and hydrophilic groups. It is environmental friendly with no solvent and VOCs. Which application areas is HyMax CA water-based polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent suitable for? PUD (Polyurethane dispersion) acrylic emulsion Carboxylic acid

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leather finishing agent

Application of crosslinking agent in the leather finishing industry

What is leather finishing agent? The leather is affected by external force, sunlight, weather and other conditions, causing it to fade, wear or lose its original luster. This requires the use of leather finishing liquid to achieve the purpose of complementary color. After finishing, the surface of the leather garment

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TPU product

Service case | Use anti-hydrolysis agent to solve the problem of hydrolysis of TPU products

What is TPU TPU is short for thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber. Compared with traditional plastics, rubbers, and even metals, TPU has many performance advantages such as good low-temperature flexibility, high strength, good oil and acid resistance, environmental protection, and easy processing. With economic development and consumption upgrades, the amount of TPU

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