Linking Function and Beauty: The Magic of Carbodiimide in Polyester Zippers

anti-hydrolysis agent in PET zipper

In life, we often overlook the small but vital details. Take zippers for example, their existence and application have long been deeply rooted in our daily lives. In our clothes, shoes, hats, bags and even camping equipment, zipper is an important part, and sometimes it is even the key to measure the quality of a […]

PLA filament: how to make it more durable?

PLA filament

What is PLA filament material? PLA filament, also known as polylactic acid filament, is a 3D printing material made from polylactic acid (PLA). The raw material, PLA, is a biodegradable plastic derived from an organic acid called lactic acid, which is usually obtained by fermenting starch from plants. As such, PLA filament is an environmentally […]

Preventing Cracking in PU Leather: Techniques and Solutions

PU leather cracking solution

What is PU? Polyurethane (PU) is a polymer material whose molecules contain repeating units of ether or ester bonds. PU has a wide range of excellent properties, including abrasion resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, and good elasticity, so it is widely used in many fields, such as synthetic leather, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and foams. Classification […]

Enhancing Sustainability: The Role of Anti-Hydrolysis Agents in PU Leather Production

antihydrolysis agent in PU leather

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and people’s pursuit of sustainable products, PU leather is becoming increasingly popular in the market as an environmentally friendly product. What is PU leather? PU (Polyurethane) leather is a synthetic leather with a structure and production process that make it look and feel similar to genuine leather, but […]

Understanding Ester Stabilizers: Preventing Hydrolysis and Enhancing Performance

Ester Stabilizers for polyester

In the world of chemistry, esters play a crucial role in various applications, ranging from fragrance and flavor industries to pharmaceuticals and polymers. However, their susceptibility to hydrolysis can limit their stability and effectiveness. This is where ester stabilizers come into play, helping to prevent degradation and enhance the performance of ester-containing products. In this […]

Exploring PLA Additives: Key to Enhancing Performance

anti-hydrolysis agent in PLA

In today’s society, where environmental awareness is on the rise, polylactic acid (PLA) as a renewable and biodegradable alternative has garnered increasing attention. However, despite its many advantages, PLA also faces challenges such as inadequate water resistance and poor thermal stability. To overcome these issues, scientists have developed various types of PLA additives to enhance […]

Three types of hydrolysis and ways to prevent hydrolysis

how to stop hydrolysis

What is hydrolysis: click to see Three types of hydrolysis How to prevent hydrolysis? Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction where a compound reacts with water, resulting in the splitting of a chemical bond in the compound. Preventing hydrolysis depends on the specific compound or situation involved. Here are some general strategies to prevent hydrolysis:

Strengthening Degradability: The Application of Anti-Hydrolysis Agents in PLA Biodegradable Bags

anti-hydrolysis agent in PLA biodegradable bags

In the current global push for sustainability, research and application of biodegradable plastics are at the forefront of innovation. Among them, polylactic acid (PLA) has garnered significant attention as a promising biodegradable material. However, the hydrolysis issue of PLA in moist environments has been a focal point of research. To overcome this challenge, scientists have […]

Hydrolysis Mastery for Materials: Boosting Durability and Value

what is hydrolysis

What is hydrolysis? Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction in which a compound is broken down through the addition of water molecules. During hydrolysis, water molecules interact with the chemical bonds in a substance, causing them to break. This process results in the formation of new substances through the cleavage of the original compound. Hydrolysis is […]

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