Water-based cross-linking agent

How to choose the curing agent for printing adhesive paste?

Printing paste with curing agent can improve the adhesion of the printing coating, abrasion resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, and touch feel. Choosing the right curing agent system is essential for the application of printing paste.

Taking the two-component printing paste system as an example, the commonly used curing agents are mainly the isocyanate system, aziridine system, and carbodiimide system. These three types of curing agents can be added at a lower amount and significantly improve the overall performance of the paste coating.

But in the actual use of aziridine and isocyanate curing agent has two major drawbacks: the first is the short period of application. The curing period of aziridine is usually within 24 hours, while the application of isocyanate is shorter, usually only a few hours. The second is that they are not environmentally friendly. Both curing agents have a certain degree of toxicity. Aziridine products have been banned by the EU because of toxicity problems.

The carbodiimide curing agent has a long application period, generally a few weeks to a few months, this feature realizes the long-term preservation of the slurry system and improves construction productivity, avoiding the frequent slurry blending operations. Moreover, carbodiimide curing agents will not release any toxic substances. It is truly green and non-polluting, and will not cause any stimulation of human skin, which is the best choice for the deployment of high-quality slurry.

Water-based cross-linking agent

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