Service Case | Extend the pot life of waterborne polyurethane by replacing the toxic isocyanate curing agent

The main material used by a customer in the post-processing stage of the product is two-component waterborne polyurethane, and isocyanate is used as the curing agent. However, during the specific production process, the customer found that if the formulated water-based polyurethane is not used up in time, the gel will deteriorate the next day and cannot be used, often resulting in material waste.

After research and investigation, the customer found that the cross-linking reaction between isocyanate and resin system was too fast, usually after 8 hours, obvious gel phenomenon occurred. Since the pot life of isocyanate is very short, resin and curing agent required for coating are prepared for immediate use.

Later, the customer replaced the isocyanate with HyMax®CA cross-linking agent, which significantly improved the short-term gel phenomenon of the material. The material was still in good condition after 4 weeks of configuration and could be used normally. This solution not only solves the problem of material waste, but also solves the problem of frequent preparation of materials in the past, which greatly saves materials and labor, and ultimately effectively reduces production costs.

HyMax®CA is a new type of water-based polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent. Compared with isocyanate, it has a longer pot life, usually up to several weeks or even months. In addition, isocyanate has strong volatility and high toxicity, which does not meet the current environmental protection requirements. HyMax®CA is a water-based system, non-toxic and harmless, and has no VOC release. It is a green and environmentally-friendly water-based crosslinking agent.

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