What’s hydrolysis stabilizer and its advantage?

What is hydrolysis stabilizer?

Moisture affects various properties of polymers. From the point of view of raw materials, silica gel, modified silica gel, or isocyanate will react with water quickly, so it is necessary to add moisture scavenger during storage to maintain the stability of the raw materials.

For hardened and molded polymers, moisture may also have unexpected effects. For example, the structure of polyesters and polyamides will produce acid products due to the reverse reaction of moisture. This product will make the polymer hydrolyze faster and faster, the molecular weight will drop, and the strength will decline sharply.

Hydrolysis stabilizer can quickly react with acid to avoid further progress of the hydrolysis reaction, allowing the polymer to have a better strength maintenance rate in a high temperature and high humidity environment. Because moisture affects polymers for different reasons, not all problems can be solved by using a certain additive.

Application advantage of HyMax hydrolysis stabilizer

The hydrolysis of polyester polymers is the main cause of degradation. As a result, the properties of the materials deteriorate, and they cannot be recycled in a variety of applications. The active groups on the HyMax hydrolysis stabilizer molecule undergo linking reactions with the reactive groups of thermoplastic engineering plastics (hydroxyl, carboxyl, amino, thioether) and water molecules, and re-couple the degraded molecular chains during synthesis, processing procedure. In this way, HyMax hydrolysis stabilizer increases the weight average of the molecular, thereby improving, recovering or partially recovering the performance of the material, so that the performance of the recycled plastic is close to that of the original material. After adding HyMax hydrolysis stabilizer, the polycondensation resin with low intrinsic viscosity will have the following effects:

1. Increase molecular weight and melt viscosity;

2. Improve the stability of hydrolysis;

3. Improve the processing stability of re-granulation and reuse materials;

4. Improve the melt strength and increase the productivity of film blowing;

5. Improve the compatibility between different polycondensate materials;

HyMax has a chain repair effect on polyurethane and polyester polymers under normal and high-temperature conditions, which can prevent and reduce degradation of the polymer chain to effectively maintain the molecular weight of the polymer. Thus the physical properties of the polymer (such as tensile and tensile mechanical strength) will not be rapidly reduced.

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