What is an ester-based polymer material?

Polymer materials are classified into natural, semi-synthetic (modified natural polymer materials) and synthetic polymer materials according to their sources.

Polymer materials are divided into rubber, fiber, plastics, polymer adhesives, polymer coatings and polymer-based composite materials according to their characteristics.

Classified by polymer backbone structure

①Carbon chain polymer: the main chain of the molecule is composed of C atoms, such as PP, PE, PVC

②Hetero-chain polymer: The main chain of the molecule is composed of C, O, N, P, and other atoms, such as polyamide, polyester, silicone oil

③Elemental organic polymer: A polymer that does not contain C atoms in the main molecular chain and is composed of only some heteroatoms, such as silicone rubber

Classified according to the geometry of the polymer backbone: linear polymer, branched polymer, body polymer. Belong to

Classified according to the microscopic arrangement of macromolecules: crystalline polymers, semi-crystalline polymers, and amorphous polymers.

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